The O Car from Oxygen Audio

FINALY SOMEONE GETS IT! And by “it” I mean “how the iPhone works with the world around it”

In my car I have a very nice Kenwood double-din system with DVD, Sat-Nav, Satellite radio and of course an iPhone doc. For the last two years however, I find myself almost never using anything on the system but the iPhone doc. This is because my iPhone does everything the Kenwood does and more. Think about this for a moment. The very nature of the iPhone replaces almost every single function of a high-end car head unit.

There have been “iphone compatible” head units as long as there has been an iPhone. But each of them tries to do there own “flavor” of iPhone interface, all of which frankly leave much to be desired. Finally there seems to be a company that is doing exactly what the iPhone needs, and that is to get out of the way and let the iPhone itself be the interface.

Hardware the iPhone lacks, such as AM/FM or Satellite receiver hardware, can be part of the head-unit, but still controlled via a software app.

I really hope this philosophy catches on and we see more companies building software interface for their products rather than trying to poorly reinvent the wheel.

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