Sad Day, the G1 goes back to T-mobile

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I compose this communication, but I have just finished packaging up my G1 to send back to T-mobile.

I really wanted to love this phone. I wanted it to the the open source masterpiece that I know it will be. However, I forgot the one in escapable truth about open source: It will be a great, it just takes a long time. Alas, time is something I do not have.

In the end, the promise of the G1 was not enough to overcome it’s flaws, both in hardware and, sadly, software. I think in a year, Android will be a major force in the Mobile OS space, but as I said, time is an issues for me, and I need a mobile communications platform now. To go from my current Windows Mobile/Exchange platform to Google Android/Google Apps I feel is a step backwards and I have a phobia about stepping backwards in Technology.

To T-mobiles credit, when i called up and asked to return the phone, I was not given any hassle about it.

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