Pythias Brown needs to be Water Boarded

I know this is off topic for me, but I travel a lot, and this sort of thing bothers me. This is just one more reason I hate to fly. Here we have a TSA employee stealing $200,000 worth of stuff from people.

I’ve always felt a bit of fear when I fly since 9/11, not that someone is going to crash my plane into a building, but that some TSA lackey is going to steal my laptop that I had to put through checked baggage. I guess my fear was justified.

Now as a security professional, I know that 90% of all security is an illusion. I guess that is my real concern about the TSA, we pay our tax dollars to low wage employees to go though our stuff, violate our fourth amendment rights, all to maintain the lie that it somehow is going to keep us safe.

..and I take back the part about Water Boarding. You can never use someone else bad acts to justify your own bad acts.

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