Potential Fix for Signal issue on iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.

Some published reports today subjected that preforming a “Network Reset” correct some of the signal issues on the iPhone. Because it is a simple an non-destructive procedure I decided to give it a try.

Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings

–Click the Red Button–


After the Reboot, the first thing I noticed was full signal strength. WOW! That’s not something I’v seen sense upgrading to iOS 4. However when I picked the phone up I lost 3 bars almost instantly. Placing the phone down, 2 bars came back quickly, but the fifth bar took a while to return.

I can repeat the 3 bar loss trick pretty consistently. Ironically when I “cup” the phone in the manner which has been demonstrated online to block signal, i actually gain a bar of signal back. :)

I need to do some field testing tomorrow. (Something Apple seems to have failed to do). But at least in the near term, I feel better about signal.

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