New Contact Information

Well, it’s been some time coming, but we have finally upgraded the telecommunication services around here.

Our Primary phone number for EVERYONE at TCG is now: 800-705-4043

Why the toll free 800 number? — Well, we are still based in Crossville/Cumberland County but our clients come from all over the region. We felt having a toll free number made it easier for our clients not in the Cumberland County local dialing zone to reach us. Of course for our clients in Cumberland County, the toll free number works just the same.

Does the 210-3138 number still work? — Of course, that number has been used to contact TCG (or McKinley Tabor) for over 12 years, we’re not letting that go anytime soon. If you call 210-3138 you may get someone directly, or it will go to the new system.

Faxes? — The Fax machine was invented in 1947 by Alexander Muirhead (though AT&T had a previous detected wire system in 1924), and while Fax is a very old system, we understand that people still use it. To that end our new number, 800-705-4043, will accept faxes just fine. There is no “official” standard for color faxing, so it only does black and white.

Does the New System use an Automated Attendant? — Sadly, yes, the new system does have an “Automated Attendant”. For those unfamiliar with the term, an Automated Attendant is one of those pre-recorded, “Thank you for calling, if you know your parties extension you may dial it now” systems. Because we do not have a full time secretary/receptionist we had to use one of these systems so that our clients could reach the right person here at TCG. Don’t worry, all our “extensions” are given right up front, and the system allowed we to bring back the “Patton Theme” from our first generation system (we lost that when we all got iPhones).

What are some of the technical details? — First, the system is what is called a “Virtual PBX”. People who work in multi-person offices often times will have either a “key system” or a “pbx” for thier internal phone system. PBXs are often used in somewhat larger installations, like hotels or hospitals, while key systems are more familiar to most office workers. A “Virtual PBX” has all of the features normally associated with large PBX systems, but it’s paired down for smaller offices. It’s also the perfect system for “mobile” persons like us. Here at TCG, most of our people do not spend their days lounging around the office. We are out seeing clients. Like most people, we ALL have cell phones, but cell phones are a disconnected thing. They are not part of a cohesive and integrated phone system. Having an integrated phone system allows features like passing a call from one person to another, putting a call of hold, or having all the companies voice mail in one place. For years we struggled with the ideal of having an integrated phone system but still keeping the mobility that cell phones provide. A “Virtual PBX” lets us do just that. When a client calls our 800-705-4043 number, and then dials one of our extensions, that client is then “transfered” to the mobile phone of the person hey are trying to reach. If that call needs to be transfered to someone else, it is possible then to put the call on hold, and then “pass” it to someone else’s mobile phone in TCG. The client never needs to hang up and call someone else. If the person in TCG in not available, then the “Virtual PBX” voice mail takes the message, and not the individual cell phone carrier.

It’s been a great system in testing, and we are looking forward to seeing how well it’s going to work full scale.

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