Mr. Jobs

It’s surprising and comforting this emotional reaction I am having to the news about Steve Jobs.

The creations of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak inspired me when I was very young, the Apple ][ and the first Macintosh. These amazing machines gave me my love of the possibilities of Computer and Technology that pushed me into my life in IT.

Sadly in the world of corporate IT, I lost contact with Apple for many years, and the wonder of my childhood faded into a distance memory.

But several ago Apple and Steve Job exploded back into my life with the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iTunes, and with them came all that wonder and magic that inspired my childhood.

Twice this man has give me a special gift. Not the hardware or gadgetry that are the products of Apple, but he gave me sure knowledge that the world could be transformed.

I know that Mr. Jobs was more than just the CEO of Apple. To his family, he was a loved father and husband, and these things are far more important. To his family, thank you for sharing this wonderful man with the world, and with me.

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