How to Advertise on Google Buzz

Did you know I had a Google Buzz Account? Me neither. I did the click through “yes” in my wayward gmail account a few months ago, but never did anything with it. Well I logged back in to that account and discovered that I now have 26 followers!

Of course none of the 26 are real people. They are media types or self proclaimed “social media” gurus all of which are only following me in the hope that I would follow them back so as to use Google buzz as yet another way to advertise to me. Of course none of my 26 followers followed me directly. I was just another hit and a long running script. So sad.

But I may take this opportunity to spam the spammers sending out my own “buzzes” to my army of 26. Perhaps if I use enough key words or bot bait I might attract more fake people to read my fake posts.

Indecently, the title of this post was my own attempt at gaming the system. This post has NOTHING that will help you “Advertise on Google Buzz”. If you came here looking for such information, perhaps you should reconsider your life choices and not waste time trying to game social media to peddle your wares.

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