AT&T war driving in Cookeville, mapping 3G, and Crossville Update

Kristen and I made a midnight run to Cookeville for the express purpose of doing some 3G mapping.

Our Time was limited so we decided to map north of the Interstate. We did indeed get 3G single in Baxter and along 70N from Baxter east to Cookeville. Inside of Cookeville we received strong stigmal all the way north on 135 (Willow/Dodson Branch) till Bob Lynn Rd. We tacked east over to 136 (Jefferson\Hilham) and then further east on Paran. We lost 3G by 111, but picked it up again within a quart mile heading south. Algood is completely covered in strong 3G signal, as it 111 south to i40. We lost 3G heading east at Mile marker 295.

Here’s a little speed test showing the data rates I was getting north of Algood on 111.

These speeds are faster than some DSL services I’ve worked with.

I decided to reach out my contacts at AT&T about plans for Crossville.

They are in the process of completing two NEW towers in the Crossville area. One in Tansi and the other north of Crossville on 127. These towers are slated to come on-line in June. Of course all NEW towers will be 3G, so there is speculation that AT&T will light up the other 7 towers with 3G at that time.

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