AT&T 3G Is Now In Crossville Tennessee (but only a little bit)

As I write this sitting at home, I am looking down at 3 and 4 bars of AT&T 3G!!! It would seem that AT&T has made good and turned on tower 310410-16920-206172994, which I believe is located in Tansi behind Hiawatha Lake.

My house sits in the overlap between this new AT&T tower, and tower 310410-16030-62227 which is still EDGE (located near Central Baptist Church on 127s). Because of this when I am traveling from town home, my phone stays locked on the older tower. However, when coming from the south, or from Tansi, I stay on the newer tower.

Speed test on tower 16920 is very good, a full 2.5 mbps down and 1.8 mbps up. Netflix will stream, but it’s a bit choppy. I think that has more to do with my phone than the network. Pandora was just as fast on the new tower as it is over wifi.

Let’s how AT&T gets the lead out and turns on the 3G radios in the other towers in Cumberland County. I know that tower 310410-61737 (near wal-mart on 127n) had 3G on Sunday evening for about an hour.

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