At this point in my life, I exist in the gray world in-between the old and the new. I’m too old to be one of the young and beautiful people who our society elevates because they are young and beautiful, but I’m too young to have lost my hope and idealism about the world.

I am only extraordinary in my own mind. I’ve published no great works, done no great deeds, never saved the Princess in the castle, never slayed the dragon. The only exceptional thing I can ever claim to have done is to have loved, loved without exception, loved without shame, loved without remorse. To have loved puppies and kittens, art and architecture, sunsets and mountains, vast ocean depths, and deep fields of stars. To have loved learning something new, and to have loved forgetting something fearful.

But most of all, I have loved people.

Someday I will die, and I’ll that I am will fade into nothingness. But for every moment I am here, I strive to give more than I receive, be kinder than I am selfish, and live as if the best moments of my life are yet to come.

This simple site is my attempt to collect all that is me. The works that I do that provides for my physical existence, emotional joy, and intellectual stimulation.

This is my story….